Fall Ball Schedule

***All games start at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted

**Home team is on the right and Bolded

Tuesday     8/18     Cubs Vs Sox

Thursday   8/20      Cards vs Tigers

Friday        8/21       Cubs vs Braves (East Side)

Saturday    8/22      Cubs vs Cards   1:00 pm

Sox vs Tigers      10:30 am

Tuesday     8/25      Cubs vs Tigers

Thursday    8/27      Sox vs Cards

Friday          8/28      Tigers  vs Braves

Saturday     8/29       Sox vs Cubs        10:30 am

Tigers vs Cards   1:00 pm

Tuesday      9/1        Cards vs Cubs

Thursday    9/3         Tigers vs Sox

Friday          9/4         Cards vs Braves

Tuesday      9/8        Tigers vs Cubs

Thursday    9/10      Cards vs Sox

Friday          9/11       Sox vs Braves

Saturday    9/12      Cubs vs Sox          10:30 am

Cards vs Tigers     1:00 pm

Tuesday      9/15      Cubs  vs Cards

Thursday     9/17      Sox vs Tigers

Friday           9/18      Braves vs Cards

Saturday      9/19      Cubs vs Tigers      10:30 am

Sox vs Cards           1:00 pm

Tuesday        9/22      Sox vs Cubs

Thursday       9/24     Tigers vs Cards

Friday              9/25     Braves vs Sox

Saturday       9/26     Cards vs Cubs         10:30 am

Tigers vs Sox

Tuesday       9/29       Tigers vs Cubs

Thursday      10/1      Cards vs Sox

Friday           10/2       Braves vs Tigers

Saturday      10/3      Playoffs start weather permitting

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