Bantam Rules


 Positions are to be assigned as above.

If more kids are present coaches may field equal teams. If not enough children are present remove pitcher, next mid infielder, then center fielder, then use coaches’ discretion.

Every player must play 2 defensive innings.

Batters bat in a continuous batting order. Each team bats an equal number of kids inning for example if one team has 9 players and one has 7 players both teams will bat 9 kids each inning.

Every player bats every inning, last batter rounds bases. (Only 1 out may be awarded.)

Coaches must count outs but player remains on base.

Out consists of fielding the ball and throwing to an appropriate base for an out.

Players may continue running if the ball is hit in the outfield until the ball is fielded; the runner will be advanced 1 base from the last base touched.

Coach pitches first 3 swings, then use tee! (Coach may extend an at bat when batter is putting forth effort and is close.)

Winning team has gotten most of the outs on their opponent. (Applies last 7 games of season)

Teams may not start an inning 1hr 10 minutes after designated start time.

Coaches may be in the field of play on defense to help direct kids.

Field dimensions are as follows (pending Lynwood confirmation):

o 45’ base paths, 30’ from home plate to pitcher’s plate, 63’ 7-1/4” home to 2nd base, and home plate to be at least 15’ from the backstop.

If team has extra players than can play for the team they are opposing, for example if one team has 12 players and the other 8 or less players 2 players can play for the other team. Teams may also borrow players from other teams in the league if needed.

Most important have fun and have a snack!

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